I was born in Normandy, France, in the 1950’s, baptised in my early years in a Catholic church, and took Communion at 12.  On losing loved ones in my teenage years I became angry with God, although deep in my heart I realise now that I was loving the Lord Jesus always.  I met my husband in France and moved to England in my twenties.

In 2008 I faced relentless upheaval, heartache, sickness and intense concerns. In April of that year, I reached near physical and mental exhaustion.  However, for the first time in my life I sensed a presence and protection.  I began to recognise that the Lord was caring for me and helping me on this difficult journey.

In October, one long morning, awaiting major surgery, I noticed that I was unusually at peace and confident about the next few hours.  It felt supernatural and amazing. I knew friends were praying for me at the time, I became conscious that it was the Lord's blessing on me and a miracle. 

In 2009 I attended a Bible Study in an Evangelical Church and was overwhelmed by listening to people praying wholeheartedly.  I felt a powerful spiritual presence with us all in the church; I understood later that it was the Holy Spirit among us.  I began to look forward to these meetings and always left them with a noticeable sense of peace and joy that I had never experienced before. 

In the summer of 2010 I was questioning as to why I was so elated and suddenly understood that I had fallen in love with the Lord.  I became eager to learn more how to live as a true Christian, read the Bible and please the Lord Jesus, open my heart to Him and let Him into my life. 

A year later I was baptised through the waters and reborn into a New Life.   My life is transformed spiritually, there is a sense of joy and peace living within me.  The Lord gives me strength to surmount difficulties; He has changed my life.  Although I do not see Him and cannot touch Him, I know God loves me, protects me, and encourages me.  The feeling of emptiness has vanished; I am never alone. 

Jesus is awesome and all powerful.  He healed me from my sickness in 2008.  He has forgiven all my wrong doings. I have the wonderful and precious hope of eternity. I owe my life to the Lord and I want to bring glory to His Name. 

A few years on, I am grateful for all what happened in 2008, it has led me to Jesus and life is wonderful with Him at my side!!