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East Boldre Baptist Church was originally planted by members of Lymington Baptist Church in the early 18th Century. In fact one Mr Mursell and two other men started preaching in a barn in 1803. Local people started coming to faith in Jesus and the first Church building was constructed on the site in 1810. The first sermon preached in the new building was on the theme of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ from Luke 11:2.

By 1818, it was found that the building was too small to cope with the growth of the congregation. Rebuilding work was carried out in 1818. Within the space of 12 years, 92 people were baptised. Baptisms were carried out in Hatchett Pond, which would seem to be evidence of the sincerity of the confession of their faith! Between 1829 and 1833 over 30 people were baptised.

The church continued to grow leading to the construction of the current building in 1844. Numbers continued to grow and over the years East Boldre Baptist Church has known great blessing.

In recent years the congregation’s numbers have fallen considerably, in large part due to the changing demographics of the area. However, the history of the church teaches us that God is able to grow a church from very small beginnings. Whilst the village has changed, God hasn’t. We say once again, ‘Your Kingdom Come’.

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